Alcoholism Tips for Families

Are you dealing with a child, sibling, parent or other family member who has a problem with Alcohol?

Fairwinds offers help for families of alcoholics. If you suspect that your child may be suffering from a problem with alcohol abuse, consult Fairwinds Treatment Center for options on how to best handle your son or daughter’s care.

Alcoholism is a frightening disease, not only because of the havoc it can wreak on the lives of victims and their loved ones, but also because of how easily it can creep up on us. While we can warn our kids about the dangers of smoking cigarettes or using narcotics, it’s hard to do the same for drinking simply because it’s far more common, regardless of age. But even if alcohol may be more socially acceptable to use than other drugs, that doesn’t change the damage it can cause – if anything, it only reinforces it.


Recognizing alcoholism

For parents, recognizing the telltale signs of alcoholism in their children is imperative to giving this condition the proper treatment it requires.

Here are a few indicators that your child may be struggling with alcoholism:

  • Acting secretive or suspicious
  • Aggressive and hostile behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in physical appearance, exhibiting poor hygiene or strange style choices
  • Depression
  • Gradual or sudden changes in sleeping habits
  • Memory loss and general forgetfulness
  • Missing work or appointments, either secretly or citing excuses of being too tired or sick
  • Mood changes, such as frequent bouts of irritability or crying
  • Money or valuables around the house go missing
  • Usual hobbies or activities have been dropped

If you suspect that your child may be suffering from a problem with alcohol abuse, consult Fairwinds Treatment Center for options on how to best handle your son or daughter’s care.

How to Show Your Support

Before pursuing drug and alcohol treatment centers, though, there are measures you can take to best show your love and support. In order to clearly express these feelings to your son or daughter – and keep from saying or doing something that may only exacerbate the problem – here are a few things that are important for your family to keep in mind when dealing with this difficult situation:

  • Realize that your child will need your help in becoming and staying sober: Overcoming a problem with alcohol abuse is a tremendously trying physical, mental and emotional experience. Your love and support is absolutely crucial to helping them achieve sobriety and developing new coping skills that will keep them sober.
  • Recognize that recovery is an ongoing process: Alcoholism is not something that can be cured overnight. There’s a long and difficult road ahead for alcohol abusers, especially when the time comes to confront and deal with the underlying problems that led to the addiction in the first place. Remember that this will be an ongoing process for both your child and your entire family, but it is one you can weather together.
  • You can’t force them to stop drinking: As difficult as it may be to watch your child continue to drink in a harmful way, you have to recognize that only they can make the decision to stop. Trying to impose yourself in a way that forces them to quit drinking may only aggravate their behavior.



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