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Drug addiction can take over all aspects of your life, leaving you feeling isolated and alone. But you’re not alone. We understand how drug addiction changes your brain’s chemistry and have developed proven treatment programs to help you get your life and your loved ones back.

Understanding Drug Addiction

Most drug use starts as a recreational usage and turns into addiction over time. We think we can control it and quit anytime we want—but we can’t. Drugs change the brain’s chemistry, making it difficult to stop using on your own. And, the more you use, the more you need to get the same high as you did when you first started. If you attempt to stop the drug usage cold, you will experience physical withdrawal symptoms. Psychological dependence occurs in the final step, when you will do anything to get high.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction

In the early stages, drug addicts are masters at hiding the depth of their addictions. They might display only a couple of warning signs, or they may show a large combination of symptoms, including:

Programs for Every Part of Your Journey

At Fairwinds Treatment Center, we know that the circumstances that led to your addiction are different from others suffering from the same condition. We take pride in creating an individualized treatment plan for you, every step of the way. A dedicated team of psychiatrists, nurses, physicians and therapists monitors your progress and makes adjustments as needed to ensure your continued success. There are varying levels of treatment for every patient, depending on their progress. These may include:
The patient is in good health and is motivated to stay clean. They live at home and attend treatment during the day.
This patient is in good health and can care for themselves at home. They attend intensive treatment during the day.
The patient may have a compulsion to return to drug use and requires full-time care.
The patient is very likely to return to drugs again if left unsupervised. They require full-time care and constant supervision.
The patient may be experiencing health issues from prolonged drug use; they require the most structure and supervision to overcome their addiction.

Tailored Treatments to Overcome Drug Addiction

Addictions often stem from an underlying cause, such as anxiety, depression or personal trauma. Our team of dual-diagnosis experts are specially trained to diagnose and treat underlying conditions, so that you have the best chance of overcoming your addiction and maintaining your recovery. Steps in the process include:


Once you stop taking the drugs, you may experience withdrawal symptoms for a few days while your body rids itself of any residual amounts of the drugs.

Management of Withdrawal symptoms

Some withdrawal symptoms can be serious and may include hallucinations or even seizures. During withdrawal, a team of doctors and nurses will watch over your progress and provide medication as needed.


During this phase, you’ll examine the behaviors that led to your drug abuse and new ways of coping with everyday situations to prevent relapse.
“I came into Fairwinds feeling worthless, hopeless, severely depressed. Through treatment I really did get back to myself.”
Fairwinds Treatment Center Tampa FL

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