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You Deserve Health & Happiness

You’re worth more than a number on a scale. We already see that—and it’s our goal to help you see it, too. That’s why we offer compassionate inpatient care designed to reevaluate and reshape your relationship with food, so that you can start living the life you deserve. Take the first step toward recovery today.

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia nervosa is one of the most common eating disorders. Society puts a lot of pressure on us to look a certain way, which is why patients with anorexia often fear they are too fat and starve their bodies of needed fuel and nutrition. However, this condition goes much deeper than wanting to mirror social media influencers. Someone with anorexia may feel that they have no control over their life and everyday events—but they can control what they eat and how they see themselves.

Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa

There are some signs that you or someone that you love is suffering from anorexia, including:

Programs for Every Part of Your Journey

At Fairwinds Treatment Center, we know that the circumstances that led to your eating disorder are different from others suffering from the same condition. We take pride in creating an individualized treatment plan for you, every step of the way. A dedicated team of psychiatrists, nurses, physicians, nutritionists and therapists monitors your progress and makes adjustments as needed to ensure your continued success. There are varying levels of treatment for every patient, depending on their progress. These may include:

Tailored Treatments to Overcome Anorexia

We know that an eating disorder is not as simple as wanting to lose weight. These complex disorders often stem from an underlying cause, such as anxiety, depression or personal trauma. Our team of dual-diagnosis experts are specially trained to diagnose and treat underlying conditions, so that you have the best chance of overcoming your eating disorder and maintaining your recovery. Therapy is a critical tool in winning the battle. Our therapy sessions are designed to be safe spaces for you to discuss your feelings, explore the underlying causes of your disorder and know you are not alone in this journey. These therapy sessions include:
“You made me say “I’m worth it,” after every meal, and wouldn’t let me leave the table until I said it like I believed it. Well, it did kick in at some point along the way.”
Fairwinds Treatment Center Tampa FL

Take the first step toward recovery today.