Prescription Drug Addiction Among Professionals

People, including professionals, are using drugs like opioids, stimulants, sedatives, and tranquilizers without a doctor’s prescription. For example, in the health sector, the number of health professionals struggling with narcotics such as Fentanyl and Oxycodone is rising every day. Learn more about prescription drug addiction among professionals and its treatment. Professionals working in sectors such as […]

About AUD: How Addiction to Alcohol Works


Alcohol might be the most commonly used/abused addictive substance in the US. The good news is that a condition that is so prevalent also receives a lot of attention and research funding. Here at Fairwinds Treatment Center, we’re always learning more about alcohol addiction and new treatments for alcoholism. Today, we’ll explore alcohol use disorder […]

Are You a Functioning Alcoholic?

functioning alcoholic

Functioning alcoholic is an informal term used to describe people who have an alcohol dependency but still accomplish their roles in society. Alcohol dependency does not cause them to miss work or fail to accomplish other obligations. They seem to be mentally and physically healthy. They can pass as normal people in jobs, homes, and […]

Spotlight: The Role of Codependency in Drug Abuse


Working with those who struggle with addiction, it would be impossible for us to overlook the overlap of codependency in drug abuse. However, for those who are not currently moving within these tight-knit circles, or for those who have not yet sought treatment for their drug dependency, the link between the two might not be […]