If anorexia treatment does not address underlying issues like anxiety, depression or trauma, it can do more harm than good.

Woman shares story of trauma, anorexia in effort to end stigma of mental illness

A British woman is speaking out about her experience with anorexia in an effort to end the stigma of mental illness and eating disorders, and we at Fairwinds Treatment Center applaud and support her courageous efforts.

Fairwinds' dual diagnosis treatment puts eating disorder sufferers on the road to recovery, so that they can lead normal, happy lives.

Recovered anorexia sufferer speaking out to help other teens

A New Jersey teenager wants other eating disorder sufferers to know that recovery is possible.

Does your college student have anorexia?

Does my college freshman have anorexia?

Unfortunately, many eating disorders appear for the first time or resurface during a student’s freshman year in collegeĀ — an exciting time that can also be enormously stressful.

Anorexia hurts parents and siblings too.

‘Anna Be Gone’: The true story of one family’s battle with anorexia

Here at Fairwinds Treatment Center we know that one patient’s eating disorder has devastating implications for their whole family.

Scientific research continues to validate Fairwinds Treatment Center's cutting-edge dual diagnosis methodology.

Anorexia is ‘deadliest psychiatric killer’

Since we opened our doors in 1989, medical research has continued to support the center’s cutting-edge combination of clinical treatment and therapeutic counseling.

Teens with anorexia often also struggle with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or bipolar disorder.

Does my teen have anorexia? 3 warning signs

Anorexia is one of the most common eating disorders among American teens, and it can take an enormous toll not just on the victim but on their loved ones as well.

David Robb, who plays a doctor on Downton Abbey, says "anorexia murdered my wife." Photo courtesy Flickr user Gill Griffin.

Downton Abbey actor: Anorexia killed my wife

Downton Abbey actor David Robb is speaking out for the first time about his wife’s death last year, saying that she was the victim of a deadly battle with anorexia.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between picky eating and anorexia nervosa in young children.

The difficulty of diagnosing anorexia in young children

Although not all children who are picky eaters have an eating disorder, there is still some risk that they could develop one if their consumption habits seem to be governed by more than just preference.

Eating disorders are rising among college students.

Yale student’s struggles bring attention to eating disorders in college

A recent Medical Daily article draws attention to an increasingly troubling trend in which college students become afflicted with eating disorders.

Overcoming anorexia and other eating disorders can sometimes take months, but with our dual diagnosis programs you'll be much more likely to succeed.

Woman with anorexia recovers with the help of fellow gym-goers

A recent story has been making the rounds through the press about Lauryn Lax, a woman with anorexia who struggled since childhood with her debilitating eating disorder.

Twins may be more likely to require treatment for anorexia.

Study shows being a twin may be risk factor for anorexia

A recent Swedish study revealed that twins and triplets may be more likely to require treatment for anorexia.