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Personalized Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Wesley Chapel, FL

Do you have trouble controlling how much or how often you drink? If so, you may be dependent on alcohol. Substance abuse is a complex and chronic disease, but it is also treatable. Consider turning to Fairwinds Treatment Center for alcohol rehab. For more than 30 years, our medical specialists have been helping patients from the Wesley Chapel, Florida, community overcome alcoholism and other forms of addiction. We can help you get back to living a healthy and meaningful life.

At Fairwinds Treatment Center, you can benefit from the expertise of physicians, therapists, counselors, and behavioral specialists who are not only respected leaders in alcohol rehab but also pioneers of dual-diagnosis treatment. Our proven approach is designed to help ensure full recovery by addressing substance abuse along with any co-existing mental health conditions. After conducting a thorough intake and assessment, we can suggest the level and type of care that best meets your unique needs.

Our alcohol rehab programs include:

Residential or Inpatient Care

In a structured and controlled setting, you can detox safely under full medical supervision. While you live at our comfortable recovery center for 28 to 60 days, you can focus fully on your sobriety without having to face the many distractions and temptations of your normal everyday life. You can also develop effective coping skills to help you manage your alcohol addiction after you leave rehab.

Partial Hospitalization

Detox and inpatient care often form the foundation of a successful alcohol rehab program, but the process is ongoing. When re-exposed to triggers within a relatively short timeframe, some patients unfortunately relapse into the cycle of addiction. By continuing to spend a prescheduled eight hours per day with us, you will be better supported and positioned to achieve early sobriety and, if necessary, recover from a relapse.

The professionals at Fairwinds Treatment Center will compassionately guide you through each step of your recovery from detox through life after alcohol rehab. Serving as your 24/7 support system, we will be there to help you celebrate your successes and overcome any challenges that you encounter along the way.

Take your first important step toward recovery today, and contact Fairwinds Treatment Center to learn more about the alcohol rehab programs we offer near Wesley Chapel, FL.