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Overeating can be just as harmful as food deprivation. Our program is designed to eliminate unhealthy binge eating habits, replacing them with normal eating behaviors and coping mechanisms.

The Difference Between Binge Eating Disorder & Bulimia

We all enjoy a second serving of food or an extra scoop of ice cream every now and again. An occasional bout of overindulgence is normal. However, if you repeatedly find yourself gorging on large quantities of food and experiencing depression or guilt afterward, you may be a compulsive overeater or have binge eating disorder (BED). The key difference between BED and bulimia is purging. While people with bulimia vomit or abuse laxatives and diuretics to purge their bodies of excess food, people with binge eating disorder generally do not. Rather, those with BED often severely—and often dangerously—restrict their food intake after they binge.

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms

The first step in the treatment process is recognizing the warning signs of BED. Take a look at the the most common symptoms:

Treatments Built for Binge Eating Disorders

We know that an eating disorder is about more than eating. These complex disorders often stem from an underlying cause, such as anxiety, depression or personal trauma. Our team of dual-diagnosis experts are specially trained to diagnose and treat underlying conditions, so that you have the best chance of overcoming your eating disorder and maintaining your recovery. Your binge eating disorder treatment plan may include:

Secure residential treatment in a comfortable, medically supervised setting

Nutritional services such as menu planning, therapeutic meals, and educational classes

Psychological and emotional support from trained eating disorder specialists

Multiple levels of care, including inpatient, residential, outpatient, and partial hospitalization

Guidance from trained professionals such as medical doctors, therapists, and registered dietitians

Family therapy or group therapy sessions facilitated by an experienced therapist

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