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Conquer the Core of Your Addiction

It is rare that addiction exists all on its own. These conditions are closely linked to underlying psychological disorders or past trauma. Our dual diagnosis experts are trained to identify and treat co-existing mental illness—an approach proven to give you the best chance at recovery.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

A mental condition can drive you to substance abuse, or attempt to regain control of your life by controlling your weight. Dual diagnosis is the process of identifying concurrent conditions including addiction, eating disorders and psychological concerns including anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. We’re dedicated to helping you recover with a proven, integrative approach to treating co-occurring conditions. For decades, our pioneering dual diagnosis process has successfully chipped away at the chemical dependencies and distorted perceptions that prevent you from living a healthy, happy life.

Common Co-Occurring Mental Illnesses

Our dual diagnosis experts know that treating one disorder won’t cause the other to improve automatically: standalone treatments don’t come together to become a single effective solution. Some of the most common underlying conditions we treat alongside eating disorders and addictions include:
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Fairwinds Treatment Center Tampa FL

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