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It is rare that any self-destructive condition, be it addiction or an eating disorder, exists all on its own.

The human mind is a complex thing. So many of the choices we make every day are fueled by biological and chemical processes we are completely oblivious to, not to mention our emotional drive. As such, it is rare that any self-destructive condition, be it addiction or an eating disorder, exists all on its own. Often, these conditions are closely linked to psychological disorders or past trauma that requires the attention of qualified medical health professionals to identify and address.

Too often though, treatment centers in Florida approach self-destructive behaviors as if they are isolated issues. This, paired with the fact that it is simply easier to choose one straightforward label to describe and understand someone’s suffering, means that far too many patients miss out on the support they so dearly need.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the process of identifying concurrent conditions including addiction, eating disorders and psychological concerns including anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. In certain cases, the agony and alienation caused by a mental condition can spur an individual to turn to substance abuse, or attempt to regain control of their lives by strictly regulating their weight. These are just a few examples of the complex ways in which these self-destructive behaviors can interact, and the results are often devastating

In overlooking additional conditions that may contribute to an addiction or eating disorder, many treatment centers unwittingly do a disservice to their patients, potentially increasing the risk of relapse later on. The only way to fully recover from co-occurring conditions is to take an integrative approach to treatment that chips away at all of the chemical dependencies and distorted perceptions that can so seamlessly drive patients to hurt themselves and their loved ones, both physically and emotionally.

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Why choose Fairwinds Treatment Center for dual diagnosis

We are the best treatment center in Florida for dual diagnosis patients because we are one of few centers to recognize the frequency of these concurrent conditions. We have specialized in dual diagnosis treatment since we first opened our doors in 1989. Our team of full-time psychiatrists, nursing professionals and licensed therapists have dedicated years to the treatment of these complex cases, and have a proven track record for providing comprehensive, family-focused care.

Fairwinds Treatment Center founder Dr. M.K. (Khal) El-Yousef is a leader in the field of dual diagnosis psychiatry and addiction medicine. As such, our treatment programs all focus on a unique integrative approach that involves identifying all possible factors that drive a patient’s primary condition.  All of the patients at our intimate treatment center in Clearwater are evaluated by full-time psychiatrists, nurses and other medical professionals to get to the root cause of their self-destructive behaviors. More often than not, issues like bulimia and substance abuse stem from or are at least fueled by, long-standing psychological issues that have gone undetected for years. Then, when overtly damaging issues like alcoholism or anorexia make themselves known, they inevitably mask the deeper psychological and chemical imbalances present.

At Fairwinds Treatment Center, our goal is to break this vicious cycle and facilitate full healing from the inside out. We are one of the only dually licensed psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facilities in the country that has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which empowers us to address any chemical dependencies or behavioral issues that may contribute to an eating disorder or addiction.