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A Collaborative Approach, Putting Patients First

Since opening in 1989, Fairwinds Treatment Center has worked with healthcare professionals and facilities to provide  services to patients who require specialized, dual diagnosis treatment.

Physicians and healthcare professional who have worked with Fairwinds know, when referring a patient to Fairwinds, their patient is starting their journey towards true recovery.

 Patient Referral 

Our goal is to make your referrals to Fairwinds Treatment Center as easy as possible for you and your patient.

A talented staff of physicians, nurses, therapists, dieticians, and other health care professionals bring expertise to every aspect of patient care at Fairwinds Treatment Center.

Fairwinds Treatment was founded over 25 years ago. Our staff strives to be a collaborative partner in recovery for both our patients and the medical community. Our admissions team is here to ensure continuity in treatment between facilities and physicians as patients are transferred to our care. This means always putting the patient first

To refer a patient to Fairwinds Treatment Center, simply complete the referral form or call us directly at 727-449-0300.

Levels of Care

At Fairwinds Treatment Center we focus on our superior and unique treatment methods with a payoff that emphasizes on patient recovery. A clinical assessment/evaluation from a member of our highly-trained medical staff will determine the most appropriate level of care placement. Fairwinds offers:

  • Inpatient

  • Extensive Outpatient

  • Residential

  • Outpatient

  • Partial Hospitalization

  • Detox

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Treatment Modalities

Our individualized treatment plans address all of the disorders in a single integrated approach, working with a group of professionals. Each patient is designated their own therapist who will work with them during the treatment process. Each individual is also able to see a psychiatrist each day to help with their individualized treatment. Our treatment’s success is based on many different types of therapy including individual, group, art, and family therapy, also combining medication with talk therapy. At Fairwinds we also emphasize the importance of family and loved ones. Our treatment encourages each patient functioning within the family unit. We understand that addiction and eating disorders affect everyone in our patients’ lives, so families are asked to actively participate in family therapy and multi-family groups.

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