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Take it One Day at a Time

Get the support you need on a schedule that works for you. At Fairwinds Treatment Center, our most intensive outpatient care is designed to help you overcome your addiction without having to live full-time at our facilities.

Partial Hospitalization vs Day & Night Treatment

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) and Day and Night Treatment are essentially the same level of care, but may be referred to as one or the other for insurance purposes. PHP is the most intense outpatient service we offer. In this program, you continue to live at home and commute to treatment during hours individually set to your clinical and personal needs.

Who Should Consider PHP?

We’re here to help you overcome your addiction and maintain your recovery. While we strongly believe in the benefits of our inpatient/residential program, we also know that 24/7 care is not realistic for everyone forever.

Since partial hospitalization focuses on overall treatment of the individual, rather than purely safety, the program is not recommended for individuals who need more acute treatment. However, we would never put you into the outpatient program if we felt you were at high risk for
relapse. We carefully evaluate your progress every step of the way to ensure you’re always on the best path to recovery.

“Not only are you ensuring our medical safety, you are all always here to lend an ear and help in any way.”
Fairwinds Treatment Center Tampa FL

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