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Your focus should be on overcoming your addiction—not on how you are going to pay for treatment. That’s why we work closely with insurance providers and offer flexible private payment options.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Treatment can be pricey—but it’s difficult to say exactly how much. Costs vary based on the level of care provided. Fortunately, most health insurance companies now cover portions of the cost of addiction treatment. Additionally, our experienced admissions staff can help you find a way to cover the care you need. Our primary goal is to get you treatment as quickly as possible for as little out-of-pocket cost as possible.

What Will My Insurance Cover?

Most insurance companies help cover the necessary treatment for those experiencing drug addiction or an eating disorder. While a basic plan may only cover 30% of treatment, a premium plan could pay as much as 90% of your total expenses. Co-pays and deductibles are likely with any type of plan. Here’s what to expect based on the treatment programs we offer:
To receive inpatient care, a patient must meet the “medical necessity” criteria set forth by his/her insurance plan. Our admissions team works to assess your specific situation, determine if you qualify for a “medical necessity” claim and make a treatment recommendation. Once the insurance company has approved our recommendation, your admission will be accepted, and your level of care and number of treatment days will be authorized. However, if the insurance company rejects our recommendation, they will halt the admission process and recommend an alternative level of care.
Residential treatment is similar to inpatient treatment, but allows for a bit more freedom and is thus not often deemed a “medical necessity.” As such, most insurance companies will only cover a portion of residential care. If yours isn’t one of them, our staff assists in determining alternate options through your plan and then works to obtain authorization for any benefits that may apply.
Most insurers will cover some level of outpatient treatment. Your specific plan will determine if this is the case for you.

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Payment options at Fairwinds Treatment Center

Can I pay out of pocket?

If you do not have insurance or if your insurance company will not cover treatment, you will be responsible for payment. We accept checks, major credit cards and even offer financing options.

With out-of-pocket or private pay options, you may be able to mitigate costs through medical tax deductions. Our admission staff works tirelessly, exhausting every avenue to ensure you can afford the treatment you need.

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