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A Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program That Works

If you or your loved one is in need o f an alcohol or drug rehab center, you are not alone. Addiction, or chemical dependency, affects one out of every three American families. Fairwinds Treatment Center is here to offer you hope and healing – and will work with your unique family dynamic to achieve a full, lasting recovery from drugs or alcohol.

Substance Abuse Treatment at Fairwinds

Directed by M.K. (Khal) El-Yousef, M.D., a nationally recognized expert in the field of psychiatry and addiction medicine, our treatment team includes highly qualified psychiatrists, general physicians, nursing professionals, licensed therapists and other specialists who will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan. Fairwinds has one of the highest staff-to-patient ratios in the industry and we are committed to providing your family with exceptional levels of care in a safe and respectful environment.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services

At Fairwinds Treatment Center, you can expect exceptional care delivered to you in a warm and respectful environment while undergoing your drug and alcohol rehab program. With one of the highest staff-to-patient ratios in the industry, our alcohol and drug rehab center treatment team is dedicated to helping your family achieve a full, lasting recovery.

The Fairwinds drug and alcohol rehab program integrates philosophies and practices from the medical and therapeutic communities, family systems theory and the Twelve Step philosophy. Our dual diagnosis recovery model utilizes a 28-day treatment program, including detox services.

After a comprehensive psychiatric, medical and family dynamic evaluation, a physician and individual therapist will be assigned to help you and your family develop a customized alcohol or drug rehab treatment plan. Clients see our center’s attending psychiatrist once a day and attend two individualized psychotherapy and family sessions per week. With a focus on achieving maximum results, your drug and alcohol treatment plan will be reviewed weekly and revised as appropriate.


Our Mission and Goals for Your Recovery

The mission of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is to offer quality treatment programs, services, and facilities that provide our clients with the tools necessary to achieve a full and lasting recovery with respect and dignity.

Our team will work diligently and patiently with you to reach these goals:

  1. Stay abstinent from alcohol and other drugs.
  2. Effectively cope with the symptoms of diagnosed mental illness.
  3. Resolve family problems.
  4. Sort out any legal issues.
  5. Develop positive leisure and recreational activities.

It’s OK to Need Help

Chemical dependency is more than an alcohol or drug problem that has gotten out of control. It’s a medically diagnosable brain and behavioral disease that is chronic, progressive and potentially fatal. But the good news is that, like many other diseases, drug and alcohol dependency can be successfully treated. Our drug and alcohol rehab program provides specialized services to adults (age 18 and older) diagnosed with addictive disease and other mental health issues.

A Dual Diagnosis Approach to Healing

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment success increases significantly when the client is treated for co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Fairwinds is a proven leader in effective dual diagnosis treatment services. Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers a program that integrates philosophies and practices from the medical and therapeutic communities, family systems theory and the Twelve Step philosophy.