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Body Dysmorphia

Just about everyone can think of at least one aspect of their appearance that they would like to change, whether it’s their nose, hair, stomach, build, height, skin, or something else. And although they may fret about their “imperfection” from time to time, their dissatisfaction generally dissipates quickly, and they move on…

Payment Options for Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Mental Health Treatment


At Fairwinds Treatment Center, our primary focus is providing the highest level of treatment for all those in need. Our staff has been thoroughly trained to ensure a seamless experience in every step of the treatment process, from understanding your ailment to exploring available payment options for substance abuse and mental health based on your […]

The Importance of a Dual-Diagnosis Approach to Treating a Substance Abuse Disorder


When you’re suffering from a substance abuse disorder and struggling to find the right treatment for you, it can be difficult to find lasting success in recovery.  A possible reason for this is that substance abuse often occurs alongside an undiagnosed mental illness, which, when left untreated, can weigh down an already-heavy load and potentially […]