Trauma Recovery

Traumatic Events can Trigger Eating Disorders & Addiction Behavior

Trauma is a Mental Disorder that Needs Treatment. Many individuals who are suffering from an addiction, eating disorder, or other mental health issue have had to deal with a traumatic event in their lifetime. Trauma is an emotional response to a tragic occurrence such as a death, rape, desertion, or an accident. There are many different reasons a person experiences trauma. The treatment team at Fairwinds is very experienced with trauma care and will be able to work through these traumatic issues by helping individuals use constructive ways to deal with their emotions

Certain events will most likely lead to emotional or psychological trauma if:

  • It happened unexpectedly.
  • You were unprepared for it.
  • You felt powerless to prevent it.
  • It happened repeatedly.
  • Someone was intentionally cruel.
  • It happened in childhood.

Emotional and psychological trauma can be caused by single-blow, one-time events, such as a horrible accident, a natural disaster, or a violent attack. Trauma can also stem from ongoing, relentless stress, such as living in a crime-ridden neighborhood or struggling with cancer.

Seek Help, Move Forward

When there are effects of trauma, if help isn’t sought, it can be very difficult to move forward in life. These traumatic events don’t just go away, people need help learning how to deal with these issues. Using alcohol or drugs will not take the pain away. These substances will only amplify the problem and are not a helpful or long-term solution. At Fairwinds an individual will learn the necessary coping skills to deal with their past and work towards a healthy future.

The Power to Heal Starts with a Phone Call

Our eating disorders treatment and drug and alcohol rehab programs feature unique sets of treatment modalities. These modalities and objectives can be facilitated separately or in conjunction with each other, depending on the individual needs of our clients. This focus on dual diagnosis treatment services for eating disorders and drug or alcohol rehab is what makes our approach to treatment so successful

If you or a loved one are battling trauma and addiction, have developed an eating disorder or perhaps both, the staff at Fairwinds Treatment Center is here to help.



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