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Eating disorders are not about weight—these conditions are a dangerous expression of the pain you feel inside. Our proven approach to eating disorder treatment involves a personalized care plan to help you overcome this pain, restore your health and reclaim your life.

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How to Treat Eating Disorders

Those struggling with eating disorders are also often battling depression, anxiety or another mental health issue. Here at Fairwinds, we know that understanding and addressing these co-occurring conditions will give you the best chance at recovery.
You deserve health and happiness. That’s why we’ve pioneered a dual diagnosis and treatment program, uniquely tailored to every patient. Our treatment programs combine therapy, nutrition services and ongoing support to nourish your body, rebuild your confidence and maintain healthy habits.

Eating Disorder Treatment Program at Fairwinds Treatment Center

Common Eating Disorders

Every eating disorder patient is different. To cope with their pain, some patients may obsessively restrict their intake while others may gorge themselves to the point of sickness. Some of the most common eating disorders include:

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